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Monday 11 April

09:00 - Session 1 - Welcome and Keynote Presentation - click for details

Theme - Tackling the major behavioural challenges of our time
Chair - John Church - CEO, Arthritis Ireland

A welcome from Professor Jeff French

Dr Jay Bernhardt [download] [watch video] - Professor & Chair, Department of Health Education & Behaviour / Director, Center for Digital Health and Wellness, University of Florida (USA)
Social Marketing 2.0: The Power of Place

Professor Nadine Henley [download] [watch video] - Professor of Social Marketing and Director, Centre for Applied Social Marketing Research, Edith Cowan University (Australia)
Social marketing doesn't have to make us feel bad: positive appeals can be effective too

Miles Young [download] [watch video] - CEO Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather
Soap and Brotherhood: Marketing, Convergence, and Change

10:30 - Refreshments

11:00 - Session 2 - Stream Session - click for details

Chair - Dr Fiona Adshead - Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Dr Katherine Lyon Daniel [download] - Deputy Associate Director for Communication, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
CDC's approaches to social marketing and communication: Hugfests, smackdowns and other things we do for your own good.

Sameer Deshpande [download] - Assistant Professor of Marketing, Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing, University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Impact of Social Marketing in Developing Countries

Dr Ülla-Karin Nurm [download] - Head of Public Health Development Section, Public Health Capacity and Communication Unit, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Stockholm (Sweden).
Initiating a pan-European health campaign - experiences from setting up the European Antibiotic Awareness Day

Chair - Jeff Chertack - Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations/Brussels and OgilvyEarth Lead, Brussels.

Professor Linda Brennan [download] - RMIT University, Melbourne
Making Sustainability a Behaviour in the Tertiary Sector

Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr - President, McKenzie-Mohr and Associates (Can)
Fostering sustainable behavior: An introduction to community-based social marketing

Chair - Professor Jim Ward - Registrar and Deputy President, National University of Ireland

Patrick Ladbury [download] - Communications Manager, National Social Marketing Centre (UK)
Social Marketing and Behaviour Change

Dr Christine Domegan [download] - Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Cairnes School of Business & Economics, National University of Ireland
Partnerships and the Co-creation of value

Professor Carol Bryant [download] - Health Professor and Co-Director, Florida Prevention Research Center, University of South Florida (USA)
Community-Based Social Marketing Approaches

Theme - Social Franchising and the Evolution of Social Marketing for Services: Experiences in Clinical Service Delivery in Developing Countries

Chair - Dominic Montagu - Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California, San Francisco (USA)

Steven Chapman - Chief Technology Officer, Population Services International (USA)
Dale Huntington [download] - Scientist, World Health Organisation
Guy Stallworthy - Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (USA)

12:30 - Lunch and poster presentations

13:45 - Session 3 - Seminars - click for details

Seminar 1 - Sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
John Porter BSc MSc [download] - Interactions Ltd
Using Personal Construct Psychology to understand transport modal choice and mechanisms to bring about behaviour change

Mark Blayney Stuart [download] - The Chartered Institute of Marketing
The impacts and benefits of social marketing on Government marketing and commercial companies

Ronne Ostby MA [download] - ICF International
Beg, Borrow or Steal:Applying unsuspecting theories to the social marketing approach

Seminar 2
Prof. Sandra Jones [download], Prof. Gerard Hastings [download], Pat Kenny [download], Fiona Ryan [download] - University of Wollongong, University of Stirling & The Open University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Alcohol Action Ireland
Special Global Panel Session - Reducing alcohol-related harm: Is there a role for social marketing?

Seminar 3 - Sponsored by McCann Healthcare Worldwide
Maurice Murphy [download] - Cork Institute of Technology
Is Social Marketing the Answer to Blood Donation?

Dan Wellings - Ipos MORI Social Research Institute
Complex Conversations: New Approaches in Social Marketing Research for NHS Tower Hamlets

David Walker [download] - Population Services International (PSI)
The Rwanda Sales and Distribution Shift: from Push to Pull

Seminar 4 - Sponsored by Population Services International (PSI)
Iman Shervington MFA, Rheneisha Robertson MPH [download] - Institute Of Women & Ethnic Studies
Social Marketing Technology Outreach Program (STOP): Using Social Marketing to Reach Youth for HIV Awareness & Risk-Reduction

Dr Mahua Das - University of Leeds
Exploring the Limits of Social Marketing in Public Health: A Case Study of the Development of Social Marketing Approach within HIV /AIDS Programmes in India: the 4A's

Sameer Deshpande, Sanjeev Dham - Population Services International (PSI) India, University of Lethbridge
Comparing the effectiveness of two communication frameworks: A case of promoting contraceptives in the state of Rajasthan, India

Seminar 5
Shera Allen - Switchover Help Scheme BBC
Harnessing Community Power on a National Scale: Inclusion in the Digital Switchover

Beth Thoren [download] - Digital UK
Leaving No-one Behind - Communicating with Everyone, including Difficult to Engage with Audiences : Lessons from the UK's Digital Switchover

Nicholas Goodwin [download] - University of Sydney
Community - The Missing Ingredient in the Social Marketing Mix

Seminar 6
Yolande Strengers [download] - Centre for Design, RMIT University, Melbourne
Why aren’t people rational? Unpicking irrationality in the context of climate change

Meg Bartow [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, JWT
Making America FloodSmart - Reducing the Personal and Financial Risk and Impact of Floods in the United States

Jay Kassirer BSc MBA CMRP [download] - Cullbridge Marketing and Communications
Tools of Change: Proven methods for promoting health, safety and environmental citizenship

Seminar 7
Professor Alan Tapp [download] - Co-Director, Bristol Centre of Social Marketing University of West of England (UK)
Theory Development in Social Marketing: The Advantages of an Eclectic Approach

Dandi Wright Nance [download] - VP/Account Services
Integrating Social Marketing into a State System: Shifting Stigmas and Building Innovation

Jennifer Nichols MPH - Porter Novelli
Demystifying Evaluation: How to integrate evaluation planning into your social marketing program

Seminar 8
Fiona Spotswood [download] - Bristol Business School, University of the West of England
Brand co-creation for effective social marketing: The ‘Lose the Fags’ case study (N.B Fags are British slang for cigarettes)

Jeff Jordan, MA [download] - Rescue Social Change Group
Peer Group Segmentation to Reach High-risk Youth: a Case Study of African-American Teen Segmentation in Virginia, USA

Aaron Garside, Richard Forshaw [download] - ICE
Understanding and changing smoking behaviour in hard-to-reach groups

Seminar 9
Natalie Adler - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Ask Medicare: Reaching and Supporting Family Caregivers

Rowena Merritt [download] - National Social Marketing Centre
Calculating the cost-benefit of behaviour change projects

Pauline Harper [download] - EPODE Coordination, Paris
EPODE: Preventing Childhood Obesity at Community Level using a Social Marketing Approach

Seminar 10
Judith Madill [download] - Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
Assessing the Marketing Capability of the Websites of Canadian Non-Profit Organizations

Jennifer Dooley [download] - University of Wollongong
Web 2.0 and its Implications for Health-Related Social Marketing Campaigns

May G. Kennedy PhD MPH, Clive Blair-Stevens [download] - Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Strategic Social Marketing
Towards an online tool for using formal behavioral change theory in campaign planning

Seminar 11
Judy Drennan PhD, Josephine Previte PhD - Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland
Consumer attitudes and intentions towards m-gambling: An exploratory study of consumer vulnerability

Lisa Schuster [download] - Queensland University of Technology
Consumer Adoption of M-Interventions in Mental Health

Lynne Eagle [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
Who can you trust? Deciphering Decline in Trust of Government-sponsored Sources of Health Information.

Seminar 12
W. Douglas Evans PhD. [download] - The George Washington University
Evaluation of the Text4Baby Mobile Health Program

Joseph C. Starinchak [download] - US Fish & Wildlife Service
Advancing Blended Value: Elevating Biodiversity as a Critical Component of the Emerging Global Sustainability Paradigm, Defining the Government’s Role and Defining a New Context

David Pearson [download] - University of Canberra
Sustainable diets: What are consumers already doing and what will they do?

Seminar 13
Michael Steiner [download] - Westfälische Wilhemis - Universität Münster
Presenting Distributions: How to Mitigate the Misperceptions of Cost Components in Long-term Savings Plans

Biju Dominic [download] - Final Mile Consultants Pvt. Ltd
The Neuroscience Approach To Minimize Trespassing Deaths on Mumbai Railway Tracks

Sonal Singh [download] - Macquarie University
Engagement Paradigm in social marketing? Case of old wine in a new bottle

Seminar 14
Sinead Duane [download] - National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway
Get Your life in Gear

Annie Darby, Amanda Jackson [download] - ICE
Asgard: Raising aspirations and breaking the cycle of risky health behaviour among 16-19 year olds

Sarah Cork [download] - Brilliant Futures Limited, University of Brighton
Healthy Pompey: Increasing the levels of physical activity and healthy eating amongst children 2-11 in Portsmouth

Seminar 15
Brian van den Hurk [download] - Draft FCB
The JOURNAL- online self management for depression.

Wilma E. Waterlander Msc. [download] - VU University Amsterdam
The Virtual Supermarket: An innovative research tool to study consumer behaviour

Sue Nelson [download] - Kindred Agency
The Now generation and the Burgundy Boys

Seminar 16
Kate Neale, Dr Peter Vitartas [download] - Southern Cross University
The role of perceived behavioural control in away-from-home recycling

Dr. Debra Z. Basil [download] - University of Lethbridge
Plastic vs. Multi-use Bags: An Experimental Assessment Steven Johnson The Hub Collaborative Change - A people-centred approach to behaviour change

Steven Johnson [download] - The Hub
Collaborative Change - A people-centred approach to behaviour change

Seminar 17
Julie D.M. Huibregtsen MSc - GGD Rotterdam Rijnmond (Municipal Health Service)
The Implementation of Social Marketing in Rotterdam

Prof. Manuela Epure PhD, MCIM, MAM [download] - Spiru Haret University
Social Marketing – Do we understand how it’s working ? Drug addiction - Romanian case study

Pippa Rendel - Forster
Social marketing interventions to reduce smoking in pregnancy and increase breastfeeding rates in North East Essex

Seminar 18
Kristin Parrish, Leo Ryan, Jennifer Wayman, Aileen McGloin - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Social Media as a Second Language: How 2 Strengthen Your MSG

Speed Seminar Room 1
Marco Bardus [download] - Università della Svizzera Italiana
MoveM8 recruitment challenges: A case for social marketing

Patricia Watson, Heather Solley, C.Paul Lyttle [download] - University of the West of Scotland
Social Marketing Module Assessment for the Real World

Arminda Paço PhD. - University of Beira Interior, Portugal
Oversize packaging and sustainability: The case of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals

Dr. Joanna Henryks [download] - University of Canberra
Exploring Lost Appetites for Organics

Julie Wooler [download] - University of Exeter
Social Marketing for Tourism: A destination-based approach for encouraging sustainable tourist behaviour

Eileen O’Connell - Interactions Ltd
Marketing Sustainability To Citizens - Get It Right 1st Time!

Speed Seminar Room 2
Julie Archer [download] - Population Sevices International (PSI)
Evaluation of Madagascar's Protector Plus Condom Brand

Lindsay J. Della PhD [download] - University of Louisville
Repositioning health in the workplace as sustainable behavior: A case study of the Green Health Initiative at the University of Louisville

Megan Kays [download] - Population Sevices International (PSI)
Evaluating the Total Market for Condoms: Competitive Analysis of Socially Marketed and Commercial Brands Central America

Rachel Parker, Kim Fuller [download] - Walsall Council Creative Development Team
'TAXI' Walsall Arts into Health and Social Marketing Project

Lyn Wilson [download] - University of Southampton
Can teaching the principles of social marketing enhance the health promotion role of nurses?

Liz Messenger, Claire Troughton [download] - NHS Kirklees
The Up for It Project: Using a social marketing approach to encourage behaviour change within the student population aged 16 to 24 year old to address rise in overweight and obesity in Kirklees

15:15 - Session 4 - Keynote Presentation - click for details
Sponsored by McCann Healthcare Worldwide

Theme - Quality and Impact - Value for Money
Chair - John Cahill - CEO, McCann Healthcare Worldwide

Dr Graham Lister [download] [watch video] - Visiting Professor, Health and Social Care, London South Bank University
The Value for Money of Behaviour Change

Prof Gerard Hastings [watch video] - Institute for Social Marketing and Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Stirling and Open University (UK)

Akio Yonekura [download] [watch video] - Marketing Director, Cancer Scan Co Ltd.
Japanese social marketing success: Improving both cancer screening and ROI.

16:45 - Refreshments

17:15 - Session 5 - The Big Debates - click for details

Private/ NGO/ public sector partnerships are the new hope
Chair - Jennifer Wayman - Executive Vice President, Social Marketing, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Speaking for the motion

John Drummond - CEO, Corporate Culture (UK)

Chris Sorek - Chief Executive, Drinkaware (UK)

Speaking against the motion

Sameer Deshpande [download] - Assistant Professor of Marketing, Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing, University of Lethbridge (Canada)

Dr Jacky Jones - Freelance journalist, researcher and health promotion consultant

The 4P’s are well past their sell by date, its time to move on
Chair - Jeff Jordan - President & Founder, Rescue Social Change Group

Speaking for the motion

Sue Nelson - Social Marketing Director, Kindred (UK)

Clive Blair Stevens [download] - Director, Strategic Social Marketing (UK)

Speaking against the motion

Mark Blayney Stuart - Head of Research, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Nancy Lee [download] - President of Social Marketing Services Inc. Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington and University of South Florida (USA)

18:15 - End of Day 1 conference

19:30 - Gala Dinner drinks reception
Sponsored by Corporate Culture

20:00 - Gala Dinner


Tuesday 12 April

08:00 - Refreshments

09:00 - Session 6 - Keynote Presentation - click for details
Sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Theme - Learning and evidence - what we know we know and how we know it
Chair - Tom Beall - Managing Director, Global Social Marketing Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Nancy Lee [download] [watch video] - President of Social Marketing Services Inc. Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington and University of South Florida (USA)
Reporting on return on investment

Professor Alan Andreasen [download] [watch video] - Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University (USA)
Rethinking Nonprofit and Social Marketing in the Marketing Firmament

10:00 - Refreshments

10:30 - Session 7 - Seminars - click for details

Seminar 1 - Sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs (Chair), Prof. Jeff French [download], Christiane Lellig [download], Dr. Christine Domegan [download], Julie Huibregtsen [download], Prof. Giuseppe Fattori [download] - Social Marketing European Panel
Social Marketing in Europe: Research, Practice and Policy

Seminar 2
Fiona Spotswood [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
From Transparency to Invisibility: The Implications of Different Behaviour Change Mechanisms for Social Marketers

Hong Cheng PhD - Ohio University
The State of Social Marketing Research: A Critical Analysis of the Articles Published in Social Marketing Quarterly, 1996-2010

Trish Taylor PhD [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Using Research to Understand Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Seminar 3 - Sponsored by McCann Healthcare Worldwide
Dr. Josephine Previte, Associate Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett [download] - University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology
Experiential value in social marketing: does this contribute towards consumers’ uptake of proactive, preventative health behaviours

Uwana Evers [download] - University of Wollongong
Developing community-level social marketing messages to raise awareness of asthma in older Australians: Preliminary results

Kate Perkins [download] - Medical Care Development Inc
Get what you pay for or pay for what you get? Comparing the impact of popular promotional strategies used in a public health marketing initiative

Seminar 4
Jennifer Chu, Michaela K. Thayer - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Screen for Life: Prompting Colorectal Cancer Screening in the United States through Building Awareness, Engaging Communities and Leveraging Partners

Maeve Cusack, Sheila Caulfield [download] - National Cancer Screening Service
Communicating the cancer screening message to eligible audiences

Belinda Miller, Daniel Ramsay [download] - Corporate Culture, Cancer Research UK
Collaborating to improve cancer outcomes cost effectively.

Seminar 5
Sue Nelson [download] - Kindred Agency
Four Ps - Is it the Cilla Black of Marketing Strategies?

Denise Ong [download] - The NSMC
Effective Organisational Design for Social Marketing

Patrick Ladbury and Dr Andy McArthur - The National Social Marketing Centre and The Social Marketing Gateway
Building Behaviour Change Skills and Capacities in the Public and Third Sectors

Seminar 6
Prof. Margaret Barry, Dr. Jane Sixsmith [download] - Health Promotion Research Centre, National University of Ireland Galway
Overview of the ECDC/Consortium programme on translating health communication

Prof. Susan Michie [download] - University College London
The Behaviour Change Wheel: a system for designing effective interventions

Dr. Ülla-Karin Nurm [download] - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Health communication: Developing evidence-based practice

Dr. Craig Lefebvre [download] - Social Marketers Global Network
The communication-marketing gap in public health

Seminar 7
Yvette Morey [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
Celebrities & Celebrity Culture: Role Models for High-Risk behaviour or sources of credibility?

Tanya Drollinger [download] - University of Lethbridge
Linking Celebrity Endorser Characteristics to Non-Profit Donation

Susana Marques [download] - ISAG - Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão
Transfering Relationship Marketing to Social Marketing

Seminar 8
Elaine Wilson [download] - Wampum
Tackling Men's Health - A Partnership Approach Led By Newcastle United

Katherine Crawshaw, Sara Evans Lacko [download] - Time to Change (Rethink)
Time to Change - ending mental health discrimination

Prof. Linda Brennan [download] - RMIT University, Melbourne
Understanding men's resistance in seeking mental health services: A need for social marketing

Seminar 9
Jay Kassirer BSc MBA CMRP [download] - Cullbridge Marketing and Communications
Building Motivation Over Time

Adrian J Smith BA (Hons) [download] - Unique Improvements
Lessons from a community led social marketing approach to address worklessness in deprived communities in North East Lincolnshire U.K.

Matthew Wood, Julie Fowlie [download] - University of Brighton
Using Social Marketing to Improve Community Communications and Counter Myths in a London Borough

Seminar 10
Judith Madill [download] - University of Ottawa
Financing Social Marketing Programs Through Sponsorship: Implications for Evaluating Social Marketing Programs

Dr Deirdre O'Loughlin, Prof. Isabelle Szmigin, Tara Frawley [download] - Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK and Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland
Parental Socialisation and Student Financial Capability: A UK and Irish Perspective

Mary Rose Cook [download] - Uscreates
Ethical Guidance for Social Marketing

Seminar 11
Lynne Eagle [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
Segmentation Strategies for Strengthening Sun Protection Behaviours within the UK

Melinda Williams [download] - Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong
Adolescent Sun Protection: An examination of the prevalence of UV exposure indicators among brand loyalty segments.

Melinda Williams [download] - Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong
Increasing awareness of sun protection among Australian adolescents: Results of a community-based intervention

Seminar 12
Sara Bird M.A [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
Examining Policy Assumptions Regarding Public - Private Partnerships in Contested Social Marketing Domains: The Case of Alcohol Moderation

Marie-Louise Fry [download] - Griffith University
Responsible Drinking: Constructing Alternate Subject Positions within a Culture Dominated by Intoxication

Peter Joseph Cunningham [download] - Red Suit Advertising
Throwing Conventional Government Harm Minimisation Campaign Approaches Out the Window to Succesffuly Reduce Risky Drinking Behaviour in Young Queensland Females

Seminar 13
Dr. Robyn Ouschan - Curtin University of Technology
School Children’s Perceptions of the Age Group Alcohol Advertisements Are Targeting & Impact on Ad Liking

Sharyn Rundle-Thiele [download] - Griffith University
Understanding alcohol knowledge in Poland

Tom Farrell - Business School, Oxford Brookes University
Reducing Alcohol Harm in Developing Nations through the use of critical social marketing

Seminar 14
Caroline Francis [download] - Family Health International (FHI)
"That extra shot in the arm” – using strategic behavioral communications to improve and scale up Most at Risk Population (MARP) HIV prevention programming in Cambodia

Leslie Snyder - University of Connecticut
Reaching the Unreachable through a Safer Sex Video Game in the U.S

Ruth Massingill [download] - Teesside University / Sam Houston State University
Positive Or Negative: HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Perceptions

Seminar 15
Lisa M.M LAU, Vienna W Y LAI [download] - Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH)
Smoke-Free Family Campaign mobilises families to establish smoke-free homes & living environment on a community platform

Namita Bhatnagar - University of Manitoba, Canada
Culture-specific brand personality perceptions and symbolism within cigarette brand consumption in Turkey

Robert John [download] - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Social Marketing Low-fat Milk to Low-Income Families in the U.S

Seminar 16
Louise Robinson - NHS Hull
Social Marketing with perpetrators of domestic violence in Hull

Anne M. Lavack PhD. [download] - University of Regina
Media Campaigns that Target Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

Matt Escoubas - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Know Stroke: Know the Signs. Act In Time: A National Awareness Campaign Targeting Underserved and At-Risk Communities

Seminar 17
Cheryl Brown, Liz Barnes, Tessa Allgeier - Independent
Not just talking through your hat: improving practice by marketing social marketing and resolving stakeholder conflicts

Speed Seminar Room 1
Pippa Rendel [download] - Forster
Inspiring Communities

Dennis Edell, Yvette Thornley [download] - Rain43, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
The Launch of Ontario’s Grade 8 HPV Vaccination Program: Launching a Vaccination Program While Adapting to a Challenging Communications Environment

Pippa Rendel [download] - Forster
A scoping study into the use of urgent care services in Brighton and Hove

Jeralyn Powell MPH [download] - University of Alabama Birmingham
Applying Social Network Theory to Social Media Interventions: A Case Study

Julie Ann Sorensen PhD [download] - Northeast Center for Occupational and Agricultural Health
A case for upstream social marketing

Oleg Kucherenko [download] - Institute of Reproductive Medicine., Ukraine
Social Marketing in Infertility Treatment - Creating New Lives

Speed Seminar Room 2
Jeff Jordan, MA [download] & Mayo Djakaria - Rescue Social Change Group
Social Branding®: an Innovative Application of Social Marketing to Develop Cultural-level Interventions

Alexandra Rose Castagnino - Durham University
Family organ donation consent and the Behavioural Perspective Model

Ariadne-Beatrice Kapetanaki BSc, MSc [download] - City University London
Proposal of a Social Marketing Framework to Influence Greek Undergraduates to Adopt Healthy Eating Habits.

Melissa Kraus Taylor MA [download] - Porter Novelli
Health Information Seeking: Understanding Consumers’ Health Information Seeking Behaviours

Virginie Claeyssens [download] - Nutriset
Social Marketing in Public-Private Partnerships as a Tool for Scaling up Nutrition

Miguel Fontes, PhD [download] - Johnsnow Brasil
The Use of Research and Statistical Analyses for Social Marketing Practices and Targeting: Scientific considerations on how to determine what factors are associated to behavioural change

12:00 - Lunch and poster presentations

13:00 - Session 8 - Stream Sessions - click for details

Chair - Jim Mintz - Managing Partner, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Canada.

Dr Christine Domegan [download] - Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Cairnes School of Business & Economics, National University of Ireland
On the Side of the Angels: The Co-creation of Value and Social Marketing

Gonzalo Diaz Meneses [download] - Ph Lecturer of Marketing And Consumer Behaviour, Universidad De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria.
Ethics & aesthetics of social marketing: a technical approach

Mehboob I.M. Umarji [download] - Programme Director: Social Marketing and Behaviour Change, Department of Health (UK)
Behaviour Change- applying a holistic segmentation to population needs and motivations

COMMUNICATIONS CONTRIBUTION sponsored by McCann Healthcare Worldwide
Chair - Amar Anil Urhekar - Representative Director & President, Executive Vice President, McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan, Inc

Maurice Murphy [download] - Lecturer in Marketing, Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland)
Can Social Marketing change Driver Behaviour: The Case of the Young Male Driver

Graeme Read [download] - SVP Director of Strategic Planning (EMEA Region), McCann Worldgroup (McCann Healthcare Worldwide)
Building Effective Behavioural Change Communications in Public Health - 3 challenges…

Professor Alan Tapp [download] - Co-Director, Bristol Centre of Social Marketing University of West of England (UK)
Social marketing: the risks, rhetoric and reality

Chair - Tracey Bridges - Partner, Senate Communication Counsel

Patrick Vernon [download] - CEO The Afiya Trust
Race Equality and Social Marketing: Does Nudging work with BME communities?

Dan Wellings - Head of Public Health Research Social Research Institute, Ipsos MORI (UK)
What role do we want governments to play? An international comparison

Nick Pecorelli [download] - The Campaign Company (UK)
Why understanding lifestyles tells us almost nothing about how to change behaviour

Chair - Michael Briggs - Executive Vice President, Social Marketing/Strategy & Planning, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Iain Potter [download] - Chief Executive, Health Sponsorship Council (New Zealand)
Marketing Social Marketing - how well are we doing?

Giuseppe Fattori [download] - Director of the Communication and Social Marketing Department, Local Health Unit of Modena (Italy)
Social marketing: from health policies to organisational models, arriving at the coherent partnerships and activities.

Fiona Seymour [download] - Department for Transport, Great Britain
How one word helped save a thousand lives - THINK

Hilary Fisher [download] - Director, Dying Matters Coalition and
Eve Richardson [download] - Chief Executive, The National Council for Palliative Care
Death and Dying in the Public Domain

14:30 - Refreshments

15:00 - Session 9 - Seminars - click for details

Seminar 1 - Sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Sarah Temple [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
The Heart Truth®: Building a National Women’s Heart Health Movement

Julian de Meyrick, Sonal Singh [download] - Macquarie University, Sydney
Yes Behavioral Change Can Be Sold Like Soap: An Assessment of Tobacco Control

Jeff Jordan, MA [download] - Rescue Social Change Group
Commune: a Case Study of a Social Marketing Innovation to Reduce Young Adult Tobacco Use in Bars & Clubs

Seminar 2
Nancy Lee, Margaret Miller [download] - Social Marketing Services Inc., World Bank
Social Marketing to Influence Financial Behaviors: The New Frontier

Patricia McHugh [download] - National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway
From Authoritive to Collaborative Engagement: A Social Marketing Approach to Progressing Science Policy

Patricia McHugh [download] - National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway
Systematic Reviews: Their Emerging Social Marketing Role in Co-Creating Collaborative Change

Seminar 3 - Sponsored by McCann Healthcare Worldwide
Lynn Poole [download] - Peach Advertising
Advertising needs its own set of ingredients in the social marketing mix: A case study in developing sustainable behaviour change

Stephen Young BA MA, Vivienne Caisey MA - University of Brighton Business School, The Green Gauge Trust
Is Behavioural Economics the new Social Marketing? Thoughts from a Social Marketer and a Behavioural Economist.

Gillian Sullivan-Mort [download] - RMIT University, Melbourne
Unintended consequences: Successful social marketing campaign creates health problems

Seminar 4
Dr. Martine Stead [download] - ISM, Stirling, Scotland
Social marketing and community development: tensions and similarities

Fiona Spotswood [download] - Bristol Business School, University of the West of England
An empirical description of Cycling Hot Prospects: Implications for Social Marketers tackling travel mode shift

Eileen O’Connell BA MSc, John Porter BSc MSc [download] - Interactions Ltd
Using Personal Construct Psychology to investigate transport brand images and the implications for behaviour change

Seminar 5
Maurice Murphy [download] - Cork Institute of Technology
The Impact of Social Marketing on Irish Female College Students’ Binge Drinking: Are Fear Appeals Effective?

Maurice Murphy [download] - Cork Institute of Technology
Adolescent Female Smokers: Does Social Marketing Have The Answer?

Lucy Thomas, Jamie Reece - Porter Novelli
Engaging with Hard to Reach Audiences and Creating Lasting Change: The Challenge of Undertaking Health Behavioural Change Programmes with Routine and Manual Workers and Young Men in Camden

Seminar 6
Jayne Hampson, Amanda Jackson [download] - ICE
Liverpool Primary Care Trust – ASSIST, Alcohol behavioural change programme

Alhidari, Ibrahim [download] - Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
Muslims charitable giving: A proposed revision of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to predict monetary donation intention and behaviour of Saudi individuals

Miguel Fontes, PhD - Johnsnow Brasil
Identifying Predictors of Variability in Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Among Eastern and Western European Youth

Seminar 7
Sarah Cork [download] - Brilliant Futures Limited, University of Brighton
Learning from 'the competition'. An interactive workshop to investigate how retailers' successfully influence their customers' behaviour and how we can apply a similar mindset and techniques to enable and encourage positive health behaviours

Seminar 8
Sarah Leonard [download] - Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England
A Case Study of a Social Marketing Brand: The Image of Cycling in the UK

Sarah Leonard [download] - Bristol Business School, University of the West of England
Understanding the self-image incongruency of British non-cyclists: Implications for social marketing

Thomas Stokell [download] - Challenge for Change
Getting more people cycling by effectively applying behaviour change theory

Seminar 9
Matthew Wood, Julie Fowlie [download] - University of Brighton
Using Social Marketing to Improve Sexual Heath Screening Rates of Male Undergraduate Students

Ilan Werbeloff - Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre
Social marketing challenges to influence behavioural change and address gay men's sexual health

Sonal Chaudhari, Sameer Deshpande [download] - BBC World Service Trust, University of Lethbridge
Comparing the influence of ad perceptions and brand recall with the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to normalize condoms in India

Seminar 10
Mary Rose Cook, Zoe Stanton - Uscreates
How to engage and collaborate with the target audience, from scoping to evaluation

Katie Collins [download] - University of the West of England
When is Community Organisation not Community Organisation? The Value of Co-Creation for Social Marketers

Jennifer Wayman, Denise Keyes [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Georgetown University
Dynamics of Cause Engagement

Seminar 11
Sara Bird M.A [download] - University of the West of England
Fear and Fire: Ethical Social Marketing Strategies for Home Fire Safety for Older People

Sinead Duane [download] - National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway
Social Marketing Partnerships

Jose Luis Vazquez-Burguete [download] - University of León, Spain
Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to the Marketing of University Curricula? The Experience of a Spanish University

Seminar 12
Ross Gordon [download] - University of Wollongong
Critical Social Marketing: Towards a Definition

Kim Longfield [download] - Population Services International (PSI)
Setting a Brand Research Agenda in Social Marketing

Winthrop "Win" Morgan MPH, Dr.Craig LeFebvre - International Social Marketing Association
Social Marketers Global Network: Your Digital Lifeline to the Social Marketing Community

Seminar 13
Joy Parkinson [download] - Queensland University of Technology
Understanding Breastfeeding Loyalty and the Key Cognitive and Emotional Influences

Celia Rhodes, Stella Warren [download] - University of the West of England, Bristol Social Marketing Centre
Using Social Marketing to Encourage Teenage Mums to Breastfeed

Ronan Brandon - Research Works
Visual Ethnography and Healthy Foundations

Seminar 14
Elizabeth Sparrow - BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
The Information Dividend: can IT make you 'happier'?

Alexandra Hughes MPS, Trish Taylor PhD - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Using Social Media to Amplify Public Health Messages

Seminar 15
David Walker [download] - Population Services International (PSI)
Better Marketing in Cambodia

Nick Pecorelli [download] - The Campaign Company
Healthy Values: Why Social Marketing practitioners will get more out of Values Modes than the Department of Health’s segmentation system, Healthy Foundations

Rachel Ward [download] - The Campaign Company
National Stroke Strategy: Gathering insight, providing behaviour change interventions and raising awareness amongst vulnerable communities in Sheffield

Seminar 16
Arminda Paço - University of Beira Interior, Portugal
Sustainability And Tourism – The Study Of Ecotourism In Brazil

Setta Tutundjian [download] - United States Agency for International Development
Increasing Water Availability in Jordan Using Financial Incentives

Kerry Jones [download] - Sheffield City Council
Dreaming Bigger Dreams Using Social Marketing to Tackle an Intangible

Seminar 17
Joanne Fitzgerald - Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC)
From Shocking to Showing - Helping New Zealanders Ease up on the Drink

Joanne Fitzgerald - Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC)
Ruru Parirau: Shaking off negative stereotypes of Māori drinking and reframing the story through social marketing

Emma Saunders, Jo Fitzgerald [download] - Empathy (NZ) and Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (NZ)
Understanding and leveraging the positive motivations of young people to moderate their drinking.

Speed Seminar Room 1
Cristina Ribeiro PhD. - Independent Consultant
Reputation of the client-organization as a criterium for bank managers when they repute their client-organizations

Prof. Carlos Oliveira Santos [download] - Technical University of Lisbon - Portugal
In Our Heart. Political Foundation of Social Marketing

Ronan O'Sullivan [download] - Cork Institute of Technology
Social Marketing as a Strategic Tool to Increase Organ Donor Rates in Ireland

Dr. Ethan Strigas - Indiana State University
Competition theory and nonprofit organizations: The adaptation of resource-advantage theory for nonprofits competing in mixed-form markets

José Afonso Mazzon [download] - University of São Paulo (Brazil)
What are you afraid of? The role of emotions in Social Marketing

Imran Batada - Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan
Implementation of Social Learning Management System in Higher Education

Speed Seminar Room 2
Dr. Lara Spiteri-Cornish [download] - Coventry Business School
Not So Good for You: The Darker Side of Functional Foods

Lawrence Swiader [download] - The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
Re-branding Birth Control

Vernon Vasu [download] - Health Promotion Board, Singapore
Building Health into a Brand Ideal: A Case Study in Singapore

Steven Lim [download] - Health Promotion Board, Singapore
Making health messages more personally relevant: A case study of popular culture formats in health communications

Daniel Ramsey [download] - Cancer Research UK & NHS Derby City Partnership
Helping Men Spot Bowel Cancer Early

Alex Oliver [download] - The Futures Company
How Big is Society? The Citizen Perspective

16:30 - Session 10 - Closing Keynote Presentation - click for details

Theme - Challenging Ourselves - what we need to do next
Chair - J.P. Donnelly - Group Chief Executive, Ogilvy Group, Ireland

Dr Craig Lefebvre [download] [watch video] - Chief Maven, socialShifting (USA)
Passing it on ...Social Marketing in a new world

Dr. Mannasseh Phiri [download] [watch video] - PSI Zambia representative
Social marketing in the developed and developing worlds: time for (ex)change?

Professor Jeff French [download] [watch video]
Why Nudges are not enough

18:00 - Conference Close
Post Conference Party - Details to be confirmed.


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