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Conference Theme: New challenges and solutions to social change

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Sunday 21 April

08.45 - 16.00 Beyond Awareness: Creating Social Marketing Campaigns that Change Attitudes and Behaviour – special pre-conference workshop presented by The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) – click here for further details of the workshop programme

15.00 - World Social Marketing Conference registration and exhibition opens

16.30 - A choice of 11 breakout sessions - each containing 3 presentations clearly focussing on one topic:

Seminar 1
Kevin Black - [download] - University of Toronto, Canada
Youth4Health: A case study of design thinking and social marketing

Dr. Hong Cheng - [download] - Ohio University, USA
Fear Appears to Be Conveyed in Antismoking Campaigns to Chinese Adolescents: Endangers Self or Others? And What Kind of Others?

Jeff Jordan - [download] - Rescue Social Change Group, USA
Syke: An Alternative Rock Anti-Tobacco Social Marketing Campaign to Reduce Teen Tobacco use in Virginia, USA

Seminar 2
Jacqueline Devine - [download] - World Bank, USA
Sanitation Marketing – Where Are We Now?

Dang Nguyen - [download] - RMIT University Vietnam, Vietnam
Condom Merchandising and Availability in Vietnam: Changing taboos

Lukas Parker - [download] - RMIT University Vietnam, Vietnam
But I AM normal: Perceptions of safe driving norms in Vietnam

Seminar 3
William Ashton - Brandon University, Canada
Beef and Trees: Engaging Beef Producers in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ansh Gupta - [download] - Lucknow, India
Encouraging Green Consumption- Role of green trust and green experience

Paul Monaghan - [download] - University of Florida, USA
Barriers to Reducing the Environmental Impact of Residential Landscapes

Seminar 4
Spencer Robinson - Hull York Medical School, UK
Social marketing in tough times - applying social return of investment (SROI) methodology in an early diagnosis of lung cancer intervention.

Regan Hansen - BC Public Service, Canada
Healthy Families BC's Sodium Reduction Strategy - An Innovative Approach to Social Marketing Principles

Mike Hope - [download] - Salford City Council, UK
Making Every Contact Count in Salford

Seminar 5
Dr Tatiana Levit - [download] - University of Regina, Canada
Applying Transtheoretical Model of Change to Anti-Depression Campaigns

Phillip Morgan - [download] - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Prostate Cancer Detection: A Case Study Using Controversial Advertising to Change Behaviour

Seminar 6
Julie Rahmati - [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations, USA
Reappraisal of How to Apply Behavior Change Theory to Reach and Motivate At- Risk Consumers

Nicholas Goodwin - [download] - University of Sydney, Australia
How to Find Effective Change Agents for Social Marketing Programs: preliminary evidence for a new method

Matthew Wood - [download] - University of Brighton, UK
Mid-Stream Social Marketing: Using service theory and practice to support behaviour change

Seminar 7
Kathleen Chell - Queensland University of Technology, Australia
What's in it for me? Virtual conspicuous donation strategies as a source of value in blood donation

Kitty Harding - [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations, USA
Content Analysis of Diabetes Management Mobile Applications: Adherence to Behavior Change Theory and Evidence-Based Medicine

Seminar 8
Yasmin Siddiqua - [download] - Nielsen Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Combat Sex Crime against Children by Integrated Social Marketing and Communication Approaches

Dr. Ross Gordon - University of Wollongong, Australia
Unlocking the potential of branding in social marketing.

Brian Day - [download] - Rare, USA
Rare Philippines Sustainable Fishing and Social Marketing

Seminar 9
Craig Lefebvre - [download] - socialShift, USA
Transformative Social Marketing: What It Means for Social Marketers.

Kathleen Kelly - [download] - Colorado State University, USA
Social Marketing Education: "The Beat Goes On"

Hamilton Carvalho - [download] - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Well-being and social marketing

Seminar 10
Stuart Jackson & Amanda Jackson - [download] - ICE, UK
Co-designing a Social Marketing Solution to Medicines Adherence

Maurice Codourey - Stadtspital Waid, Switzerland
Pushed Gossip & Viral Effects in Healthcare Marketing

Seminar 11
Prof Sandra Jones - University of Wollongong, Australia
Bob Marshall - [download] - University of Wollongong, Australia
Jeff Thom - University of Wollongong, Australia
Current ethical issues in social marketing

Adewale Adedeji - Society for Family Health, Nigeria
Improving the health of the poor and vulnerable: Experiences from Social Marketing Health interventions in Nigeria

18.30 - Welcome Drinks Reception and Poster Session


Monday 22 April

07.45 - Registration and exhibition opens

07.45 - Refreshments served in the exhibition

08.30 - Welcome and Keynote Session - click for details

Chair: Professor Jeff French

Welcome - Minister of Health and Long-Term Care for Ontario, The Honourable Deb Matthews, Ph.D.

Professor Robert F.Lusch - [download] [watch video] - University of Arizona
Service-Dominant Logic: Toward Advancing Social Marketing

Most social marketing efforts are grounded on an outmoded goods-dominant logic of economic exchange. Marketing is evolving to a service-dominant logic with an emphasis on value co-creation, resource integration, continuous innovation and service exchange. SDL reframes “social” in terms of a service ecosystem and set of institutions that support co-creation of value at various scales (e.g., micro, meso, macro). In this session you will learn how to develop a sharper strategic lens for high performance social marketing programs.

Professor Philip Kotler - [download] [watch video] - Kotler Marketing Group Inc.
The Larger Context for Social Marketing

Social marketing is one of six social change strategies. To be maximally effective, social marketers must work with other social change strategies. As two examples, social marketers must tie their work to new technologies that become available and also tie their work to current and emerging social movements. The addition of upstream and mid-stream social marketing thinking is enriching the power of social marketers to more effectively bring about behavioral change, its main objective.

Kathy Simioni - [download] [watch video] - Chief of Marketing, Health Canada
Health Canada: Improving the Health of Canadians for 40 Years

Health Canada has a long history of successful social marketing in Canada. Starting in the early 1980s with the original anti-tobacco, anti-drug efforts, the department has continually pushed for new approaches to affect behaviour change.  Decreasing government resources has necessitated partnerships with other sectors to reach mutually beneficial goals. Whether tackling obesity, environmental health, or food safety, clear behaviour insight, innovative approaches and increasingly digital tactics are the hallmark of social marketing in Canada.

10.30 - Refreshments served in the exhibition

11.00 - A choice of 11 breakout sessions - each containing 3 presentations clearly focussing on one topic:

Seminar 1
Prof. Tanya Drollinger - [download] - University of Lethbridge, Canada
Can Celebrities Help Teens Overcome Skeptical Attitudes toward Social Ad Claims?

Dennis Edell - [download] - Rain43, Canada
Yvette Thornley - [download] - Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Canada
Steven Johnson - [download] - Collaborative Change, UK
FRIDAY NIGHT BRAIN How an insight into beliefs, values and social networks provided a key behavior change driver for a new and unique approach to an integrated Chlamydia testing social marketing campaign on behalf of Ontario Public Health. - [download poster 1] [download poster 2] [download poster 3]

Prof. Sandra Jones - [download] - University of Wollongong, Australia
Why social marketing? Because knowledge is not enough to deter secondary supply of alcohol to minors

Seminar 2 - Population Services International present a series of innovative case studies from around the world.
Special 90 minute workshop session - [download]
Josselyn Neukom - Country Representative of PSI, Vietnam
Halima Mwinyi - Senior Program Manager of T-MARC Tanzania (Partner of PSI), Tanzania
Bakpayev Marat - Research & Development Manager of PSI Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
Cheyenne Baptiste - Social Media and Communications Office of PSI, Caribbean
Dr. Jean Youmba - of ACMS-Cameroon (PSI affiliate), Cameroon
A Journey into the Life Cycle of Social Marketing Projects

Seminar 3
Emma Cohlmeyer - [download] - University of Toronto, Canada
A Toolkit to Accelerate the Adoption of Cycling for Transportation

Dr. Christine Domegan - [download] - National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Transformative Stakeholders: Moving from a Marine, Fisheries and Coastal Management Centric View to a Societal Systems Change Perspective

John Nolan - [download] - University of Waterloo, Canada
Social Marketing, Environmentalism, and Science Literacy

Seminar 4
Craig Lefebvre - [download] - socialShift, USA
A Community-Driven Social Marketing Approach for Policy Development

Alexandra Vaughn - [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations, USA
An Overview of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer Campaign

Stuart Jackson & Amanda Jackson - ICE, UK
A New Paradigm In Behaviour Change

Seminar 5
Matt Howick - [download] - The Social Marketing Gateway, UK
Greenwich Get Active - Mobilising a whole community to get active

Faren Edwards - [download] - Ogilvy Public Relations, USA
Using Grassroots Research to Strengthen Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiatives

Jeff Jordan - Rescue Social Change Group, USA
The Commune Campaign: Partnering with Bars and Nightclubs to Reduce Young Adult Smoking in San Diego, CA

Seminar 6
Dr. Robert John - [download] - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA
A Social Marketing Intervention to Promote Consumption of Low-fat Milk

François Lagarde - [download] - Vice-President, Communications, Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, Canada
WIXX TM : Branding Physical Activity to Tweens in Quebec

Connor Lynch - [download] - Rescue Social Change Group, USA
The CRUSH Campaign: A Tobacco-Free Social Marketing Campaign in Las Vegas, Nevada for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young Adults.

Seminar 7
Joanne Davidson - [download] - Colmar Brunton Research, Australia
Applying the principles of behaviour change to road safety in South Australia

Biju Dominic - [download] - CEO, FinalMile Consulting, India
Neuroscience Based Safety - Behavior change at Unmanned Level Crossings

Dr. Charita Jashi & Dr. Nugzar Todua - [download] - Tbilisi State University, Georgia
Behavior changing through social marketing - a Georgian case study

Seminar 8
Mayo Djakaria - [download] - Rescue Social Change Group, USA
Using Social Marketing to Increase Youth Participation in Health Policy Change

Nadina Luca - [download] - Nottingham University Business School, UK
Towards a co-creation perspective in social marketing

Seminar 9
Timo Dietrich - [download] - Griffith University, Australia
Where are we and where do we want to go?

Jay Kassirer - [download] - Tools of Change, Canada
Case Study Highlights from 2011 and 2012

Dr. Mark Rosenbaum - [download] - Northern Illinois University, USA
Is Green Red or Black?Understanding how Luxury Hospitality Customers Value Green Initiatives

Seminar 10 - Special 90 minute workshop session
Mike Kujawaski - [download] - Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Canada
Harnessing the Global Power of the Modern Digital Landscape

Seminar 11 - Provider Motivations and Practice in Social Franchises
Special 90 minute workshop - Social Franchising Stream - Session 1 of 2
Chair: Dominic Montagu - [download] - UCSF

Nikki Charman - [download] - PSI
Applying Marketing Discipline in Influencing Provider Behavior for Improved Health Service Delivery

Brendan Hayes - [download] - Head of Social Franchising, MSI
Academic Detailing - A Provider Support and Education Service

May Sudhinaraset - [download] - UCSF
Equity and the Sun Quality Health Private Provider Social Franchise: comparative analysis of patient survey data and a nationally representative TB prevalence survey

Andrei Sinioukov - [download] - World Health Partners
Using information and communication technologies to increase engagement and viability of a rural health franchise

12.30 - Lunch served in the exhibition
Poster session

13.30 - Keynote Session - click for details

Chair: Jennifer Wayman, Ogilvy Public Relations

Dr. Brian Wansink - [download] - author of “Mindless Eating”, Professor of Marketing in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management at Cornell University
The Smarter Lunchroom Movement

What's a Smarter Lunchroom? What can a well-meaning school do to help their students eat healthier? One way might be to raise the prices on the less healthy foods. Another way might be to eliminate unhealthy choices from the food service menu.
Another set of solutions has been largely overlooked. These are the lunchroom changes – the environmental changes – that can lead a student to unknowingly make healthier lunch choices without knowing they were "nudged" in that direction by the way the lunchroom was designed. The Smarter Lunchroom Initiative provides proven win-win ideas. Ideas that help students make healthier foods choices, and ideas that are easy and profitable for schools to implement. (See more at SmarterLunchrooms.org).

Andrea Donlan, [watch video] President and CEO, Manifest Communications Inc.
Jim Diorio, Chief Idea Officer, Manifest Communications Inc.
4 X 40: The very best work by decade

40 years after Kotler and Zaltman introduced "social marketing", Canada's Manifest Communications brings you the best of the best of the best: four international, must-see social marketing campaigns from the 1970's through today. Your hosts will dissect the campaigns' success, and equip you with key learnings that will help your own efforts break through. Filled with great examples and valuable creative and strategic insights, this promises to be a fun, fast journey through what we all aspire to do: work that changes the world.

Jeff Jordan - [download] [watch video] - President & Founder, Rescue Social Change Group
Debunking the myths: When commercial marketing and social marketing work differently

Most commercial marketing strategies aim to change a preference for one brand over another. Commercial marketing doesn't try to convince you to start drinking soda, start driving a car, or to start banking; it simply aims to convince you that their brand of soda, car or bank is better than the other. But when your aim is to convince someone to stop or start a behavior, do all the methods of "preference change" apply? This talk will review the occasions when commercial and social marketing strategies do not align, and how avoiding "the commercial way" can help behavior change programs achieve success.

15.00 - The Big Debate - [watch video] “It’s about marketing, no it’s about the social” - click for details

Speaking for "marketing" -
Nancy Lee, Social Marketing Services Inc., USA
Jim Mintz, The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Canada

Speaking for "the social" -
Dr. Craig Lefebvre, Chief Maven, socialShifting
Dr. Christine Domegan, B. Comm, MBS, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the National University of Ireland, Galway

16.00 - Refreshments served in the exhibition

16.30 - Question Time with “The Gurus” - [watch video] “The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made...” Leading social marketers discuss their biggest social marketing mistakes and how you can learn from them. Followed by an interactive Q&A session. - click for details

Jim Mintz, The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Canada
Professor Alan Andreasen, Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University, USA
Nancy Lee, Social Marketing Services Inc., USA
Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, McKenzie-Mohr & Associates

17.30 - Annual General Meeting of the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA).
Annual General Meeting of the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA). iSMA is the pioneer federation advancing and expanding the use of the social marketing approach worldwide. We'll be discussing accomplishments in our start-up phase, plans for moving forward, volunteer opportunities, and the upcoming elections for our Board of Directors. New iSMA members, including six month (Trial) members, are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

19.00 - Conference Networking Party


Tuesday 23 April

08.00 - Exhibition opens - refreshments served

09.00 - Keynote Session - click for details
Sponsored by Stephen Thomas

Chair: Neil Gallaiford - CEO and President, Stephen Thomas

François Lagarde - [download] [watch video] - Vice-President, Communications, Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, Canada
The Canadian Social Marketing Experience: From Early Adoption to Sustained Use

As an early adopter of social marketing, Canada has been integrating this unique form of marketing into its public health and environmental strategies for some 40 years. Major Canadian achievements and contributions will be highlighted using a timeline approach, drawing parallels between the Canadian experience and selected key international milestones in the social marketing field. Further to a survey of a number of Canadian social marketing leaders, an overview of current opportunities and challenges, as well as possible ways to leverage and address them, will be shared.

Shiraz Latiff - [download] [watch video] - Chairman/ Managing Director, Hummingbird International plc, Sri Lanka
Applying Marketing to Enhance Social Programs: The Asian Experience

The speaker will share with the audience three successful social marketing programs from Sri Lanka to bring in an Asian perspective to the conference. ‘Thalassemia Free Sri Lanka’ program uses the conventional marketing communication channels and the Registrar of Marriages network to educate the youth on the options available for prevention of the sickness.  ‘Happy Life’ is a Sexual & Reproductive Health education program targeted towards the youth with the usage of technology and the internet. ‘Seeni Meani’ program is to create awareness amongst children and adolescents on adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent Diabetes. These programs highlight the innovative marketing approach taken by these institutions to make their initiatives a success.

Dr. Han Win Htat - [download] [watch video] - Marketing Director, PSI Myanmar
What can global health learn from McDonalds and can that work in a developing world context?

Population Services International is using social franchising, a strategy that replicates proven effective commercial franchising concepts to achieve social impact at scale while receiving a high return on investment. Implementing the social franchising strategy to achieve improvement in access to health care, at scale with right quality, in an equitable and cost effective manner in resource constrained environments however remains a challenge. Real life experiences, results and lessons learned in Myanmar, since 2001, will showcase some innovative approaches to successful implementation. Key learning's can be replicated in similar environmental contexts. The question however remains; is social franchising a solution to sustainable health impact in emerging market?

10.30 - Refreshments served in the exhibition

11.00 - A choice of 11 breakout sessions - click for details
Each containing 3 presentations clearly focussing on one topic:

Seminar 1
Dan Metcalfe - Department of Health, UK
Inbetweeners and boomers: how England is using social marketing to improve the health of 55+ and 11-15 year olds

Melanie Gillespie and Cyndi Gilmer - [download] - Peel Public Health, Canada
What Works for Whom, Under What Conditions: A Brief Realist Review of Parent-focused Social Marketing Interventions

François Lagarde - [download] - Vice-President, Communications, Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, Canada
Leveraging the full potential of promotion: the case of the early childhood and parenting initiatives

Seminar 2
Dr. Denni Arli - [download] - Griffith University, Australia
Competing with tobacco companies in low income countries: a Social Marketing agenda

Dr. Regan Hill - [download] - Ad Council, USA
Engaging Americans on Global Health Issues:  A Case in Raising Awareness and Inspiring Action

Lukas Parker - [download] - RMIT University Vietnam, Vietnam
Media in Vietnam and what it means for Social Marketers

Seminar 3
Dr. Thomas Boysen Anker - [download] - University of Glasgow, USA
Cool diseases! Inequality of health attention in a social marketing perspective

Dr. Marietta Dreher - [download] - ClearWay Minnestoa, USA
Understanding Today's Smokers: Using Formative Research to Guide the Development and Marketing of Quitting Services

Prof. Khalid Hasan - [download] - Nielsen Canada, Canada
Social Marketing of Sprinkles: from Formative Research to Marketing Reality - Case Study on Marketing of "Sprinkles"

Seminar 4
Dr. Tanja Kamin - [download] - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenia
Production of good health: contribution of social marketing to health (in)equalities from a cultural capital perspective

Cathie Kryzanowski - [download] - Saskatchewan in motion, Canada
Saskatchewan in motion: Lessons learned from a province-wide social marketing initiative to promote physical activity (2002-2012)

Sara O'Keefe - [download] - Launch Advertising, USA
Overcoming Obesity's Misperception: A Colorado Campaign for Change

Seminar 5
Dr. Fiona Spotswood - [download] - University of the West of England, UK
Learning from Bourdieu about the role of Social Marketing in multi-disciplinary behaviour change. An empirical case.

Dr. Judith Madill - [download] - Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa/ Health Canada, Canada
Developing effective social marketing programs among aboriginal people: a review and assessment of best practices

Seminar 6
Dr. J. Tomas Gomez-Arias - [download] - Saint Mary's College of California, USA
Financial Short-term Bias Amelioration in Economically Disadvantaged Individuals

Steven Johnson - [download] - Collaborative Change, UK
Collaborative Change: a participatory approach to behaviour change, driven by the power of co-design

George Perlov - [download] - George Perlov Consulting, USA
Challenges and Opportunities in Creating a Centralized Social Communications NGO: Ad Council Jamaica

Seminar 7
Prof. Mara Einstein - Queens College, USA
Social Innovation: Towards integrated "good" marketing theory

Jay Kassirer - [download] - Tools of Change, Canada
Tools of Change: Proven methods for promoting health, safety and environmental citizenship

Dr. Jennifer Lynes - [download] - University of Waterloo, Canada
CBSM Applied: All At Once - Jack Johnson's journey in fostering sustainable behaviour

Seminar 8
Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett - [download] - Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Branded Breastscreening: How brand congruence, perceived threat and age influence coping

Bryan Tenenhouse - Stephen Thomas Ltd, Canada
Simren Deogun - Stephen Thomas Ltd, Canada
Case Study: NotWhatYouThought.ca -- How the Canadian Diabetes Association attracted and engaged younger supporters (18 to 27 year olds) with an integrated campaign on MTV and MTV.ca – that got them to remove sugar from their diet

Alison Friedman - [download] - CDC, USA
Building on lessons learned from locally tailored adaptations of the United States' National GYT: Get Yourself Tested Campaign

Seminar 9 - Special 90 minute workshop session
Bernie Colterman - [download] - Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Canada
Leveraging Corporate Partnerships to Achieve Social Marketing Objectives

Seminar 10
Tom Beall and Bess Bezirgan - Ogilvy Engage, USA
Nancy Lee - MBA, Founder and President of Social Marketing Inc.; Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington, USA
Dr. Jay Bernhardt - President of Digital Health Impact, Inc.; Professor and Chair of Health Education and Behavior, University of Florida, USA
Celeste Bottorff - Vice President, Living Well at The Coca-Cola Company, USA
Private Sector Engagement in Social Marketing: Perspectives from the Field (1 hour session)

Jeff Lucas - Traction Creative, Canada
Healthy Families BC's: Sodium Reduction Strategy - An Innovative Approach to Social Marketing Principles

Seminar 11 - Social Marketing of Services: Patient Motivations in Social Franchises
Special 90 minute workshop - Social Franchising Stream - Session 2 of 2
Chair: May Sudhinaraset, UCSF

Chris Murphy - [download] Director of Marketing, Living Goods
Going mobile: Integrating mobile phone marketing tools into a door-to-door health product delivery system

Eric Schatzkin, UCSF
Risk aversion and health behavior change: Evidence from a pilot study of acceptability of a new malaria diagnostic technology in Nigeria

Dominic Montagu, UCSF
What the market will bear: provider selection and cost of treatment in Myanmar

Amnesty Lefevre - [download] - Johns Hopkins University
The cost of scaling up franchising in Myanmar

12.30 - Lunch served in the exhibition
Poster session

13.30 - The Next Generation speaks - click for details
[watch video] Five young social marketers give presentations about the challenges and opportunities ahead followed by Q & A

Zimana Ahmed - [download] - Student, Bangladesh
Dr Fiona Spotswood - [download] - Lecturer in Marketing and Social Marketing at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England
Dr Ross Gordon - [download] - Research Fellow, Centre for Health Initiative,  University of Wollongong, Australia
Melissa Blair - Manifest Communications, Canada
Jennifer Dooley - [download] - PhD Candidate, Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong, Australia
Ariadne Beatrice Kapetanaki - [download] - University of Hertfordshire, UK

14.30 - Refreshments served in the exhibition

15.00 - Keynote Session - click for details

Chair: Tom Beall, Ogilvy Public Relations

Carol Abade - [download] [watch video] - Group CEO of Exp, South Africa
Driving change though experiential approaches.

Commercial Marketing techniques have been a foundation for the development of BCC messages in many developing countries.  For the most part, this has resulted in reliance on advertising to disseminate information through mass media channels.
The changes in marketing and in media consumption patterns as we know it, have rendered advertising as  an ineffective tool in driving BCC.
Experiential marketing techniques offers a more effective outcome because  it is better designed towards integration and is a bottom up planning model focused on engaging identified audiences as opposed to communicating messages.
The session will aim to better understand that changes in marketing as well as the tools applied in Experiential Marketing for the development of behaviour change communication.

Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, [watch video] McKenzie-Mohr & Associates
Fostering Sustainable Behaviour

Developing effective programs requires that the behaviour change tools that comprise our strategies are well aligned with the barriers and benefits to a particular behavioural change. Further, these tools need to be implemented in ways that maximize the likelihood of changing behaviour, while minimizing program delivery costs. Needless to say, this is a challenging task that all social marketers face. In this presentation, guidance will be provided on when to use a variety of behaviour change tools (such as commitments, social norms, prompts, and incentives) and how best to utilize them.

Ma Jun - [download] [watch video] - Founding Director / Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, China
Social Media & China's Green Choice.

Professor Jeff French - [watch video]
Closing Speech



Wednesday 24 April

Leading Social Change - Practitioners Workshop
For full details go to www.wsmconference.com/lsc


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