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Beyond Awareness: Creating Social Marketing Campaigns that Change Attitudes and Behaviour

James (Jim) H. Mintz, | Managing Partner, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing
Joanna Chan, Project Manager & Strategist, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

Why should you attend?

One of the biggest challenges in social marketing is the implementation stage. Many organizations develop great plans, but poor execution leaves them wondering why they didn't achieve the desired results. This interactive workshop will take participants through a proven process for developing a customized structured social marketing plan and strategy for implementation. In this tough economy it's important to ensure maximum impact for marketing dollars; especially when you are moving from planning into implementation where the majority of your budget will be allocated. You will learn how to transform Strategies into Action. Our Course Workbook will guide you through the process for creating your own customized social marketing plan.

By attending this workshop, you will save countless hours of planning time and learn proven techniques for launching a successful social marketing initiative. You will learn how you can develop a social marketing plan on your own allowing you to implement your initiative over a very short time period.

This workshop has been designed not only for marketing and communications professionals who specialize in social marketing, but for anyone involved in the planning of marketing, outreach and public education strategies aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours. This workshop will teach participants the most up to date techniques on influencing attitudes and behaviours to improve health, prevent injuries, protect the environment, prepare citizens for emergencies, promote positive parenting, and a multitude of today's issues.

The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) has been delivering social marketing campaigns for government and non-profit organizations for many years and leaders in developing and implementing successful social marketing programs.

What will you learn?

  • How to use a step-by-step structured approach to prepare a social marketing plan: that is actionable; has maximum impact and leads to successful implementation;
  • How to implement a social marketing program on a very tight budget and still have maximum impact on changing attitudes and behaviours;
  • How to monitor and evaluate your outputs, outcomes and impacts;

CEPSM WorkbookOur CEPSM Workbook which you will receive at this workshop will guide you through the process for creating your own Customized Social Marketing Action Plan.

Please Note: The focus of this workshop is to help participants to design a social marketing strategy for your organization.  Please come prepared with a topic or issue you would like to work on during the workshop.


08.45 - Introductions Workshop objectives and agenda overview

09.00 - Overview of Social Marketing - Overview of social marketing, the challenges involved in developing a social marketing initiative, and key attributes of a social marketing plan

09.45 - Situation Analysis - An examination of the social issue being addressed and why, the behaviour change you wish to promote, the intended impact of a successful campaign and how to conduct a PEST (Environmental Scan) and SWOT analysis

10.15 - Break

10.30 - Developing a Segmentation Plan - Geographically, Demographically and Psychographically
Stages of Change Model
TAPARE Model for Selection of Target Audiences
Analysis and selection of target markets

10.45 - Social Norms and Competing Behaviours and Barriers - Review the social norm process, how to identify competing behaviours and barriers and examination of upstream social marketing

11.15 - Objective Setting, Behaviour Objectives, Knowledge Objectives, Belief Objectives - Social marketing research, how to develop a marketing research brief

12.00 - Lunch

13.00 - Marketing Strategy Development - Steps to developing a product strategy including: Actual product, Augmented product and Core product as well as steps to developing a positioning strategy

13.45 - Price Considerations - An examination of the price of your social marketing product i.e. the cost both monetary and non-monetary that individuals associate with adopting the new behaviour.

14.15 - Place Considerations - An examination of the Place where and when the target market will perform the desired behaviour and access products and services related to the campaign.

14.30 - Promotion Considerations (i.e. Marketing Communications) - Examination of messages and the tactics including four low cost promotional tactics which can have significant impact: strategic alliances and partnerships; face to face marketing; proactive public relations; and social media tools and tactics. How to develop a Creative Brief for your creative agency or internal creative department.

15.00 - Break

15.15 - Monitoring and Evaluation - Review of the various methods and strategies for monitoring and evaluating outputs/ process measures, outcomes and impacts.

15.45 - Budgeting and Implementation - Review of the process for budgeting for a campaign and the key steps involved in developing an Implementation Plan.


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