Carol Abade

Group CEO of Exp, South Africa

Kenyan-born Carol Abade is the Group CEO of Exp. A Pan African marketing and sponsorship agency. After co-founding a company called Direct Marketing Communications, Abade joined forces with Group Africa Marketing to form Exp, which now has operations in more than 17 African countries. Since first becoming interested in experiential marketing, Abade has been actively involved in the launch of Exp in 12 countries over the last 14 years, and considers this one of her greatest personal achievements to date. Her focus is on driving the multidimensional aspects of experiential marketing and effectively applying these techniques both from a commercial and social perspective in order to improve the living conditions of the poor in Africa, through Behaviour Change Communication modeling. Her current passion is in developing Social and Cause Marketing techniques to drive measurable change in behavior for the greater good of the communities in which we work. She believes that communication is key to delivering real change and improving living conditions by empowering communities.