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Professor Jeff French invites you to join colleagues from the world over at the 2nd World Non-Profit and Social Marketing Conference.

If you’re grappling with the challenges of achieving positive social change this conference is for you - to both hear what others are doing and share your own learning and insights.

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It follows the hugely successful first World Conference in Brighton, UK in 2008. Presenting a unique opportunity to hear and meet many leading thinkers and practitioners from across the world - bringing expertise from such areas as social marketing, the behavioural sciences, strategic communications, health promotion, community engagement, policy development and advocacy, and more.

The 2nd World conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing and behaviour change methodology to solve key social challenges.

Focus will be on the policy implications for the emerging evidence base for effective social program design and what this means for future investment, delivery and evaluation. Themes that will be used to structure the conference key notes, parallel programme and workshops will be:

  • Rational and Non rational behaviour and how to influence it
  • Intersectoral collaboration to tackle behavioural challenges
  • Global learning systems including the new Global Social Marketing Network

The 2nd World Conference will be structured to encourage the maximum amount of group and social networking. As well as key note presentations by leading experts and thinkers the conference will include, a market place to swap and share ideas and projects, a chance to meet the gurus, a poster presentation area, a full workshop and seminar programme, and an extensive exhibition area. Additionally, a social programme is being designed to ensure that delegates coming alone or for the first time will be supported to interact with many other delegates as well as have a great time in a wonderful city.

with the support of:
The Marketing Institute of Ireland PSI

other supporting organisations:

www.brighton.ac.uk www.cit.ie www.strategic-social-marketing.vpweb.co.uk www.uleth.ca
www.nuigalway.ie IAPNM www.a-m-a.org.uk www.publicsectormarketing.ca
www.irelandinspires.com www.irelandinspires.com www.toolsofchange.com